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For Program Providers.

SHAPE invites tertiary education organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in health service management to apply for program membership. 

A program membership covers all academics and students engaged in the health services management education and research activities at the tertiary organisation.

While a single tertiary organisation can have many staff and students covered by its membership, each organisation only receives one vote on the SHAPE Executive Committee. Program members nominate their representative for the Committee.

Why Join?

SHAPE provides an Academic Forum

To debate educational issues, encourage innovation and enhance the work of member programs in health service management education and research.

SHAPE organises an Annual Symposium

Where academics and students share information on the latest development and trends in health services, and hear from guest speakers about topical issues.

SHAPE offers a Student Scholarship

For a student to attend and participate at the annual symposium.

SHAPE organises International Seminars

 These special events may be organised periodically to run concurrently with the annual symposium.

SHAPE facilitates Collaborative Research

In health services management between member programs.

How Much Does it Cost?

Annual SHAPE membership for a tertiary education organisation offering a health service management program is $1000 AUD.

How Does Our University Become a Member?

To become a member, or to answer any of your membership related questions, contact:


Kevin Forde


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