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About SHAPE.

SHAPE is comprised primarily of academics and students from tertiary education organisations in the Asia Pacific Region that offer programs in health service management.


More recently, SHAPE has recognised the need to widen its membership base to enable health service organisations and individuals in the health and aged care sector to also become involved in SHAPE.

What We Do

SHAPE brings together a diverse group of health management academics and practitioners from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. We are a community of colleagues who seek to exchange ideas on education and research, learn together, support each other’s programs, recognise achievements and engage with the huge challenges facing health leaders and managers. We do this through our annual Symposium, student network, collaborative research and joint publications. Members also provide active support and contributions to the Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management (APJHM).

Why Health Service Management Matters

Some years ago, SHAPE issued a Declaration drawing attention to its members' concerns that health systems were not robust and effectively managed. The aim of the declaration was to bring those concerns to the attention of health systems, universities, and government. It is apparent, especially as we grapple with a pandemic, that little has changed. Indeed, the weaknesses in health systems and health system management have become even more apparent.


The challenges confronting the health system have also been vigorously addressed by the Chris Selby Smith Orators at SHAPE Symposiums.


SHAPE invites you, along with its members, to join with us and collaborate in advancing the profession of health service management and the leadership of healthcare systems as was envisaged in the Declaration. For a copy of the Declaration, click here.

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