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For Program Students.

Students of current program members are automatically able to access membership benefits. This means if your tertiary institution is a member of SHAPE, you are also a member and there is no additional cost to you - it's free.


To check out if your institution is a member, see our current list of members. 

What Does SHAPE Offer Students?

As SHAPE represents most of Australia's leading academics in the area of health service management, networking within this group can provide students with valuable contacts, advice and discussion. Additional benefits for students include:

  • Mary Harris Student Bursary Award/Scholarship to attend the annual Symposium

  • Networking with other health services management students

  • Opportunities to present your research and receive feedback (from other academics not just your supervisors)

  • Automatic acceptance into the SHAPE HDR Student Group.

For More Information

For more information about SHAPE's offerings for students of SHAPE program members, contact:

Kevin Forde


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