Student Page

SHAPE has embarked on a program to seek greater Health Administration student involvement within the Society.

SHAPE is an excellent avenue to network and discuss research and education issues with fellow students and academics that are committed to improving health service management.

SHAPE holds an annual Symposium where academics and students share information on the latest developments and trends in managing health services.

Each year, SHAPE provides student scholarships to attend the annual Symposium.


Objectives of SHAPE

• Stimulate an exchange of ideas between academics, educators and students on issues such as course design, educational methodologies, course content and course evaluation
• To promote dialogue between industry leaders and academics about implications of developments in health service management
• To liaise with similar international associations to promote and further develop linkages, health service management research and education in Australia
• To facilitate communication between educators with similar research interests and expertise
• To encourage collaborative research, publications and educational activities with SHAPE member programs, the Australasian College of Health Service Management and other relevant industry partner

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What is SHAPE?

A society of academic programs from Australia and New Zealand’s leading
universities committed to the promotion of excellence in health service management education and research

  1. How does SHAPE promote excellence in health service management?

SHAPE member universities actively network through teleconferences, symposiums, joint research and collaborating on textbooks aimed specifically at health service management.

  1. What benefits are there for me as a health management student?

As SHAPE represents most of Australia’s leading academics in the area of health service management, networking within this group can provide students with valuable contacts, advice and discussion. Scholarships are also available for students to attendthe annual Symposium.

  1. How do I become a student member and how much does it cost to join?

If your university is a member of SHAPE, it is FREE!!!

  1. How do I get more information on SHAPE?

SHAPE Treasurer/Membership Secretary
Kevin Forde